26 - 29 October 2017 Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park


Antix is the new free app that automatically edits your extreme sports footage into a highlight movie.

Now you can share your awesome tricks and bails straight from the chairlift! Antix is the brand new app that automatically edits your GoPro footage into a highlight movie so you can share your best moments instantly and easily.

Antix tracks your motion while you ride, using the sensors in your smartphone. By analysing and understanding your motion, we know when you did something awesome and can pull that moment straight from your GoPro video footage onto your phone.

Preview your best moments, and tune up your movie with our easy-to-use editing features to share your movie instantly to your favourite social networks! Get trending and noticed by riders across the globe!

You can also browse the Antix network and check out other awesome riders shredding in epic locations.

To download the FREE app for iPhone and Android visit antixapp.com/download or visit our website to find out more: antixapp.com

Happy riding!

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