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Nairns Oatcakes

Nairns only use wholegrain oats grown in the nearby Scottish Borders where the climate is perfect for slowly ripening the grains.

The humble oatcake has been a Scottish staple for centuries, which proves that our ancestors knew a thing or two about super foods!   Today, many healthcare bodies, as well as dieticians and nutritionists, recommend eating oats and oat-based food as a good source of energy, to help fill you up and keep you going through the day.  

Packed with wholegrain oats, Nairn’s Oatcakes are high in soluble fibre and contain no added sugar.  They have a low GI, which means they are digested slowly by your body, keeping your blood sugar and your energy levels even. When you combine low GI foods with protein and a little bit of fat, e.g. oatcakes with hummus, peanut butter, some chicken or a few slices of avocado, you get an even slower release of energy.  Oatcakes are the perfect snack before any type of exercise, but are particularly good for endurance sports, due to the slow energy release.  The soluble fibre also makes you feel fuller for longer, so you don’t feel hungry so soon, but, when you do, our on-the-go packs are handy to zip into a pocket for a satisfying, energy boosting snack.