26 - 29 October 2017 Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park


Ember snowsport gloves, synonymous with quality, fusing innovative heat technology, style, functionality and unique design.

Ember is an exciting company selling innovative snowsport gloves, offering quality materials and functionality, amazing heat technology and unique design.

Introducing Emberwire, our gloves provide a heating system with four settings controlled by an easily accessible button, the heat reaching the whole hand, including every fingertip. The button lights up to indicate the setting in use and the slim lightweight battery in the cuff is rechargeable overnight, without even removing it, ready for another whole day's skiing and riding.

The platinum thinsulate insulation ensures the gloves are breathable and moisture resistant, and the rubberised velcro straps, unique to Ember, combined with an inner cuff, stop the snow sneaking in.

The leather and silica patterning provide water resistance and extra grip, and additional robust double strengthening help restrict wear and tear.

We've thought of everything! There's even a lift pass pocket for easy swiping. Glove fingertips are touch screen enabled and there's an integrated nose wipe and an awesome goggle squeegee on the index finger. Perfect.

A lightweight charger and international adaptors are included, and a chic travel bag for your gloves and accessories.

Ember gloves and mittens are made with love and passion to make an impact on the slopes!