26 - 29 October 2017 Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park


Keeping you on the slopes, off the slopes!

Actilean is a ski based fitness product made from a high density EVA foam material with a high grip PU surface.

One Actilean roller is placed under each foot; replicating a pair of skis. The participant is then able to squat and roll/ lean side to side as if they were skiing and performing parallel turns.

Actilean replicates the gradient of a ski slope; sloping forward so that the heel is higher than the toe as it would be when facing downhill on a mountain.

The product is designed to increase tone, strength and endurance as well as conditioning the muscles; enabling them to become familiar with the movement and ultimately ready for when you hit the slopes.

The design of the Actilean enables the user to focus on their quadriceps muscles. By standing in a squat position it places a strain on this group of muscles and will thus in turn tone, strengthen and increase endurance as well as promote edge control.

Get the most from your ski trip with Actilean. We know just how precious every second on the slopes really is.