26 - 29 October 2017 Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park


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John Godfrey's Pre-Ski Warm Up

Posted 21.04.2016 in News

Essential tips for all skiers

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7 reasons to bring the kids to the show in 2016

Posted 20.04.2016 in 

Make the most of the half term break and take advantage of our huge range of activities for children

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Our top reasons to bring the kids to The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show

Posted 14.10.2015 in News

We're bringing the mountains to Battersea, with an enchanting alpine village for the kids to explore.

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Five reasons why après ski parties are the best type of party

Posted 13.10.2015 in News

Why partying in the mountains cannot be matched...

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10 things you didn’t know about Battersea Evolution

Posted 18.09.2015 in News

What really lies behind those iron park gates at Battersea Park, we’ve done the research for you and you might be surprised.

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A real taste of the mountains

Posted 12.08.2015 in News

Steaming gluwein, freshly baked strudel or bubbling goulash - treats to save for your trip to the mountains? Not anymore! As The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show bring the best alpine tastes to the city in a bespoke mountain village.

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What's new for 2015

Posted 12.08.2015 in News

The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Shows are returning this winter to celebrate the start of another season. With a host of exciting new features the shows are bringing together authentic alpine food, top brands, resorts, tour operators, Olympic athletes, live demos and more to kick-start the season ahead. But what's all the hype about?

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Introducing the Travel Genius Bar

Posted 12.08.2015 in News

Free, impartial advice.

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